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About This File


The purpose of this kext is to attach to any IOPCIDevice so it can provide alternate PCI ID when another driver attached to the same device requests them. This technique can be used instead of patching binaries that may check for supported device-ids (or other PCI IDs) in their IOService::probe or IOService::start method.

In order to attach FakePCIID to a given IOPCIDevice, an injector kext must be built that IOKit can use to match against. The FakePCIID.kext Info.plist has no built-in IOKitPersonalities, as it is generic and not built to suit a specific purpose. The distribution ZIP provide has four such injector kexts, which are described below. Custom injector kexts can be created for other devices.

Note: FakePCIID_HD4600_HD4400.kext works for HD4400 mobile, HD4600 mobile, HD4200 mobile, and HD4600 desktop.

In any case, a DSDT patch, FakeID configuration (Clover), or FakeProperties dictionary in the injector's Info.plist will be required to inject the properties that FakePCIID can read on the IOPCIDevice. The properties used by FakePCIID are described later in this post. The properties must be present on the PCIDevice that is being hooked (the direct parent of FakePCIID).

Build Environment

My build environment is currently Xcode 6.1, using SDK 10.6, targeting OS X 10.6. 32-bit Builds

This project does not support 32-bit builds, although it is probably not difficult to build one given the proper tools.

What's New in Version 2015-03-29


  • All Credits go to: the-darkvoid and REHABMAN !

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