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SourceA bridegroom in southern China who was struck by a car as he fled wedding pranks plans to sue the friends who tormented him as part of the traditional and notorious male rite.

While most men put up with wedding day hazing, Ai Guangtao hired a lawyer after he was left with a fractured skull and a big financial headache, news website Btime.com said. …

They had thrown eggs at him, poured beer and ink on him, tied him up with plastic tape to an electric power pole and thrashed him with bamboo, all in the name of creating a carnival atmosphere for his big day.

“I was so tortured on my wedding day that I got angry. They chased me, and I could barely see anything because there was ink all over,” Ai was quoted as saying.

“Somehow, I ran to the motorway – even after that one of them was still chasing me.”

A car hit him and careered into a barrier. He spent two weeks in hospital with multiple injuries, including a fractured skull.

Police decided Ai was responsible for the accident, and the car owner’s insurance company demanded nearly 30,000 yuan (US$4,400) in damages, the website reported.

Oh, boo hoo, Ai Guangtao. Cry me a Yangtze. What part of “traditional and notorious male rite” don’t you understand? It’s a wedding. These things have been going on since the dawn of civilization and certain rituals are a part of it. The bride wears white. Her father gives her away. There’s music and a ceremony and rings and a kiss. And in southern China, a bachelor party where they dump eggs, beer and ink all over you, tie you up, beat you bloody and leave you for dead. You knew what you signed up for the minute you decided to jump the broom, so don’t come crying to the rest of us.

If anything, I think he got off easy. I’ve been to plenty of bachelor parties that were way worse than this. I had a streak of at least two dozen in a row over the span of like five years – the prime marrying years of my friends and family – that went completely off the rails. Drunkenness. Debauchery. Old grudges floating to the surface on a sea of booze, just fracking bad blood like shale oil. I was with a busload of guys who spent hours driving around the seediest section of Boston looking for the two 21-year-olds who jumped out in search of hookers. Watched a groom casually lob a shot glass across a crowded nudie bar just because he ready to go home. A father of two get kicked out for grabbing the Shot Girl’s bewbs. And one of my friends get pulled up on stage in Montreal, stripped completely buckass naked and made to dance. Only to go over to a group of guys in business suits, bend over and spread his cheeks. True story. I’ve never seen such revulsion in a human face before or since. So don’t go complaining to me.

Besides, I would much rather be a groom in Ai’s town than a bride anywhere else. Getting covered with ink, a savage bamboo thrashing, get hit by a car and then sued is no day at the beach. But ask any woman and they’ll tell you it beats the hell out of having to sit through a bridal shower.

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kraut 11 hours ago

2017 Apk Android For Maker Download 0 1 Id Fake Card Aptoide His friends were dicks but you don’t go and lawyer up against your friends. Two Wongs don’t make a right.

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ellieshsboyfrnd 11 hours ago

People think China is the next big superpower. Then you read this shit. Assbackwards idiots.

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rays_beachshack 11 hours ago

Getting married seems like torture enough.

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burtreynolds69 11 hours ago

@Ellieshboyfriend How can you say China isn’t a superpower? I’m sure they read about shit that happens in Florida and think the same thing about the US. You’re logic is for retards

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legalizecreed 10 hours ago

Hate to burst your Boston bubble, but China is absolutely a super power

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presidentdoofus 11 hours ago

"People think China is the next big superpower. Then you read shit like this." What would this story have anything to do with China being a superpower? Have you ever heard of Florida? You seriously have to have a tiny tiny brain to have had the thought you had. "Pshhh China is no superpower, look at this story about a groom being hazed." Mind-bottlingly stupid.

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hotqueef 11 hours ago

Chinese gonna Chinese

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dethronethenard 10 hours ago

@elliesboyfrnd, you are too stupid to insult

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prezboogersugar 10 hours ago

@burtreynolds69 your*

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rottentalkie 10 hours ago

We should each house a Chinese exchange student and take him to an American bachelor party or two. Maybe exporting the tradition of a few hours with strippers, blowies and sex toys will "let the healing begin" between our nations.

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cokedick 9 hours ago

Donny at the wedding?

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punchbowlturd 8 hours ago

The Chinese are killing animals into extinction for "healing powers".

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methdran 8 hours ago

I mean if they didn’t help me pay for my hospital bills I’d be suing them too.

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usausa 10 hours ago

China just landed a robot on the dark side of the moon 60 years after we landed one on the obviously more important light side of the moon.

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shut-up 11 hours ago

Jerry I bet you would let Tom Brady do the same thing to you and enjoy it, ya ball sucker. BTW great recap on SST, outstanding actually this year.

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rezatdorsia 11 hours ago

Going into 2019 softer than 2018, married, and without friends. Tough start Jackie Chan.

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jinx 11 hours ago

They did him a favor.

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rippermagoo 10 hours ago

Two Wongs Never Make It Right. Groom quoted as saying: “They Chinese. They pray joke. They go peepee in my Coke. Me no rike it!”

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skidmark 11 hours ago

That’s what happens when you cross the yellow lines.

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fultonjreed 11 hours ago

Thank God I’m not asian

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commentaryjerry 11 hours ago

Hasian people is not a nice thing to do.

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waaaa 11 hours ago

30,000 yuan (US$4,400) bank=broken

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human_resources 11 hours ago


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6285489 11 hours ago

buddy can’t take a joke

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ellieshsboyfrnd 11 hours ago

Why did the chinaman cross the road?

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ce1ticfdguy 11 hours ago

libst00l people in the comment section are the WORST

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