This Best Germany In Is Dancer Kenyan Ujerumani Mkenya – The UgFFdq This Best Germany In Is Dancer Kenyan Ujerumani Mkenya – The UgFFdq

This Best Germany In Is Dancer Kenyan Ujerumani Mkenya – The UgFFdq

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Nov 30, 2012

    OS-1731 fix problem where vmadmd doesn't bring up VNC on provisioning->running transition.
    OS-1732 don't assume vmobj.zpool is set and use vmobj.zonepath instead when available.
    OS-1027 add 'provisioning' state for VMs when they're created until they're actually 'running'.
    OS-1729 configure does not handle comments in configure-branches
    OS-1717 bump mdata:execute timeout to 300s from 60s
    OS-1714 update to json 5.1.1 for jsontool#42 fix
    OS-1710 add missing manifest entry for mdata-execute script.
    OS-1710 Expand mdata:execute to handle the /var/svc/provisioning flag file. Make sure the mdata.xml file is added to the 'joyent' brand too (just disabled, to be enabled by zoneinit).
    OS-1671 add support for /.smartdc_version file which will indicate the SDC branch we're runnign under.
    OS-1685 dboot should check boot archive integrity
    OS-1627 smartos-live ./configure needs some love

Germany In Is The Mkenya – Dancer Ujerumani Best Kenyan This illumos-joyent
    OS-1723 DTrace should speak JSON
    OS-1704 add a time field with ISO time or unix timestamp to zoneevent output
    OS-777 ipfilter should support loading / modifying per-zone rules from the GZ
    OS-1725 add SNGL brand
    OS-1713 lscf_instance_verify does not properly handle disabled EMI
    OS-1724 umem walker can fail on ptc-enabled caches
    OS-1474 Want ::typedef
    OS-1598 Want mdb -e
    OS-1600 Want an mdb test suite driver
    OS-1632 mdb on x86 should be able to print alternate register names
    OS-1699 libctf should support removing a dynamic type
    OS-1700 libctf does not validate arrays correctly
    OS-1701 libctf does not validate function types correctly
    OS-1685 dboot should check boot archive integrity
    OS-1693 need workaround for RICHMOND-16
    OS-1706 zfs compression in a zone is ok after all

  HVM-761 host panic in paging64_walk_addr+0xc6

    HVM-758 Add a qmp entry for hw setup complete

Nov 15, 2012

    OS-1628 tools/build_illumos should not pass -i
    OS-1695 fix IP address of now that old one was deleted.
    OS-717 apix code induces hangs
    OS-1684 fix vmadm display of delegated dataset when mountpoint has been changed
    OS-1633 add support for 'snapshots' listing in VM objects in VM.js
    smartos-live#133 fixed issue deleting KVM VMs with snapshots (thanks calmh)
    smartos-live#114 imgadm should send Host header in HTTP requests
    OS-1441 routing-setup service provides no useful log output
    OS-1680 update node-dtrace provider to 3336f6ebd2fc73c6cfd4d09be3d80a5716aace8d (0.2.3)

    OS-1697 zoneadmd halt retry timeout should be increased
    OS-1694 exit()/lxprocfs races can induce panic
    OS-1698 Missing pcbe modules for Sandy and Ivy Bridge families
    OS-717 apix code induces hangs
    OS-577 race in netstack_unregister and zone creation
    OS-1690 want zid2zone and zdid2zone
    OS-1691 want a dcmd for going from netstack id to nestack_t
    OS-1683 ship elfedit
    3203 system-zones tries to deliver global-zone only template files into NGZ
    3294 pfiles postmortem support
    3298 illumos link-editor and related tools should be differentiable
    3263 link.h should work in a largefile environment
    3265 link-editor builds bogus .eh_frame_hdr on ia32
    3306 zdb should be able to issue reads in parallel
    3321 'zpool reopen' command should be documented in the man page and help message
    OS-1682 lxpr_uiobuf_write() can overflow its buffer
    OS-1441 routing-setup service provides no useful log output
    3304 need workaround for QEMU bug that induces bad e1000g checksums
    3246 ZFS I/O deadman thread
    3302 ld(1) should document -zguidance
    3299 file should only care about object capabilities
    3300 file should care about all object capabilities
    3301 lapsus calami multum
    3285 memory leaks in libsldap
    3169 userland amd64 code should save arguments
    3180 mdb should handle push-based argument save area
    3192 mdb save-args matching should accept more agressive insn scheduling
    3193 mdb save-args matching should only consider insns which have executed
    3288 git-pbchk invents blank lines, then complains about them
    702 tput calls gets()
    3286 README.mapfiles needs an update
    2563 remove python2.4 from onbld
    1147 integrate the virtio-block driver
    1562 Integrate the virtio core module
    2911 blkdev-related panic on DEBUG kernels
    3261 linker should ignore unknown hardware capabilities
    3259 should document capabilities environment variables
    3260 linker is insufficiently careful with strtok
    72 _tx_error needs to preserve the errno value it is supposed to display
    3177 LDAP client: support for uniqueMember attribute
    3262 webrev only includes oldest cset comment when file changes multiple times
    3270 Additional PCI ID (1000,86) needed for mpt_sas(7d)
    3258 ztest's use of file descriptors is unstable
    370 would like an open ipmi baseboard driver
    3206 Long(er) username crontab setup failure
    3150 poll times out immediately in 32bit kernels
    3217 cfgadm should spell "adapters" correctly
    3154 Nonconforming tolower and toupper with UTF-8 locales
    2064 vnic sets up protection before upper mac leading to panic
    3234 docbook xsl path should be configurable
    3228 Want -zassert-deflib for ld
    3229 ld(1) does not document -zfatal-warnings
    3230 should check default paths for DT_DEPAUDIT
    3145 single-copy arc
    3212 ztest: race condition between vdev_online() and spa_vdev_remove()
    1930 smb_match functions incorrectly handle multibyte characters
    1931 smb_convert_wildcards incorrectly expands < at the end of the pattern
    backout 3157: needs more work
    3200 panic from ill_taskq_dispatch
    3027 installgrub can segfault when encountering bogus data on disk
    3208 moving zpool cross-endian results in incorrect user/group accounting
    2933 compiler warning gags need better granularity
    3132 remove support for building with gcc 3
    1126 date(1)'s usage message doesn't mention -R
    1788 "WARNING: Cannot lookup root device: /devices" is useless when rootfs is zfs
    1828 powerd's "Able to open /dev/srn" notice is useless
    2547 Minor updates to README
    2678 zfs manpage mis-identifies checksum default value
    2811 missing implementation: zfs send -r
    3199 Update copyright years in usr/src/prototypes/
    3214 ldapclient man page does not document tls:none setting
    3210 ld should tolerate SHT_PROGBITS for .eh_frame sections on amd64
    3162 nfs: some unusable code in nfs4_srv.c
    3160 nfs: OPEN_CONFIRM with non-regular file returns wrong error
    3161 nfs: OPEN_DOWNGRADE with non-regular file returns wrong error
    3158 nfs: Server should return NFS4_OK with zero length COMPOUND request
    3159 nfs: Server returns wrong access_mode with some ACCESS requests
    3157 nfs: wrong utf8-encoded string should be cause of error
    3156 nfs: '.', '..', and filename with '/' return wrong error code
    3155 nfs: fs_location being asked but not setted return error
    3149 ps should have dmodel as an output format
    3139 zdb dies when it tries to determine path of unlinked file
    3202 prevent compiler function cloning
    3189 kernel panic in ZFS test suite during hotspare_onoffline_004_neg
    3047 grep support for -r would be useful
    3052 uname compatibility should be implemented with redefine_extname
    2224 closed-bins should be stripped of CTF
    2986 nfs: exi refcounter leak at rfs3_lookup
    3181 t_onfault should be preserved across pagefaults
    3179 vmem_xalloc needs to check for overflow
– Ujerumani Mkenya The Kenyan Germany Best Dancer Is In This
    3064 usr/src/cmd/zpool/zpool_main.c misspells "successful"
    3067 Typo in spelling "succssful"

    OS-1673 gmake clean misses some 64-bit strap directories
    OS-1681 upgrade platform node to 0.8.14

Nov 1, 2012

    OS-1677 Add Makefile sections for node-dtrace module.
    OS-1677 Add unmodified node-dtrace provider (0.2.2) db13b0aeafc1db58c756ee4d9ed65b808a6b700c and libusdt 8ab25b6e5d32afc9147890ba80b1e99a4102717e
    OS-1676: 'json -h' output has incorrect link to online man page
    OS-1615 switch VM.js logging to bunyan
    OS-1614 pull in node-bunyan 0.14.6 which has some changes I made/need.
    OS-1654 0-livesrc-stamp should build with -zassert-deflib
    OS-1653 smartos-live needs to help strap along
    OS-1549 fix so vmadm stop; vmadm start works, add tests.
    OS-1649 fix handling of quota when sysinfo unavailable.
    OS-1644 Update bge pci ids for OS-1366
    TOOLS-207: Fix overzealous escaping
    TOOLS-207: Do not drop backslashes when returning metadata values that contains them

    OS-1645 after svccfg import is killed, subsequent import fails
    OS-1665 Update pci.ids to latest release
    OS-1634 svcs -ZL does not work when a pattern is specified
    OS-1366 add support for BCM 5719, 5720, and BCM5784M chipset
    OS-1643 improve comments for svc.startd [fix unicode backtick]
    OS-1643 improve comments for svc.startd
    OS-1209 shutdown of a zone can silently fail *sometimes* when a zone is still starting up
    2869 duplicate packets with vnics over aggrs
    OS-1626 tar -C support on extract would be nice

    OS-1639 illumos-extra should build with -zassert-deflib
    OS-1640 illumos-extra is missing some dependencies
    OS-1641 1-extra-stamp build erroneously uses bootstrap build
    OS-1652 ntp is missing dependency on routing
    OS-1126 NTP Service Can Stall "Setup Reboot" by 30 Minutes

    OS-1658 kvm-cmd should build with -zassert-deflib
    OS-1655 kvm user portions should build with -zassert-deflib and -zguidance

Oct 18, 2012

OS-1492 SmartOS and SDC should have the same net-physical
OS-1623 Increase process.max-file-descriptor rctl default value
OS-1625 vmadm: improve random MAC generation and related logging
OS-1624: json 5.1.0
OS-1615 switch to bunyan be4909a0ac93e1cf2103386e1147e05c8733c777 (0.14.5)
OS-1615 import node-bunyan 1844dfd0625689774ffd1a6f65d134381a209493
OS-1610 fix the timing issue wrt sysinfo by reloading just after mdata is available
OS-1611 fix alias column width for long aliases.
OS-1610 fix output of sysinfo within zones.
OS-1565 Allow provisioning VMs on aggregations (allow denormalized MACs)
OS-1565 Allow provisioning VMs on aggregations
OS-1493 configure should work as non-root user
OS-1592 Hasta la vista libshell docs
OS-1594 FLEX path should be explicitly set
AGENT-519: Support the listing of keys via the KEYS command

OS-1561 mdb_v8 should display JSDate objects
OS-1562 mdb_v8 should differentiate objects based on constructor
OS-1563 mdb_v8 generates spurious warnings on some fields
OS-1564 ::findjsobjects can avoid many one-byte mdb_vread()'s
OS-1601 mdb_v8 should be able to print objects with dictionary properties
OS-1618 mdb_v8 should quote strings when printing JSON objects
OS-1617 mdb_printf()'s "%H" misprints integer values larger than 64K
OS-1607 FSS observability needs to handle projects with no shares
OS-1605 vrrpadm dies when its configuration file doesn't exist
OS-1603 fixed issue with hard links for locale files where there shouldn't be
OS-1595 locale support missing
OS-1590 zfs dedup & compression properties should not be changeable on a delegated dataset
OS-1592 Hasta la vista libshell docs
OS-1593 aw hacks no longer needed

OS-1630 screen needs to explicitly state its prefix
OS-1631 system screenrc should be in /etc not /usr
OS-1621 Update OpenSSL to latest stable (CVE-2012-2333)
OS-1596 ntp doesn't set path in it's custom install targets

Oct 4, 2012

OS-1586 Lockfile naming doesn't allow for concurrent builds
OS-1585 SmartOS build should use docbook from pkgsrc
OS-1581 mpt_sas missing alias for pciex1000,87
OS-1577 configure should set JAVA_HOME
OS-1578 configure should set GNU ROOT
OS-1489 vmadm: support VRRP vnics (man page update)
OS-1093 Need X540 driver aliases support
OS-1560 Add Atheros AR8132 / L1c PCI IDs
STOR-102 zfs cache flush and other settings are misbound
OS-1489 vmadm: support VRRP vnics

county Shannon county woodbury cannon cannon school gannon high FqOxYrwRq -------
OS-1589 Stop building hal
OS-883 Panic in i_mac_notify
OS-1568 Want -zassert-deflib for ld
OS-1569 should check default paths for DT_DEPAUDIT
OS-1570 ld(1) does not document -zfatal-warnings
OS-1584 ON should support a path to docbook XSL Root
OS-1576 Sundry uninitialised variables
OS-1575 sas for the goose
OS-1574 libzdoor checks for NULL that cannot be
OS-1573 vnic_dev.c insufficiently explicit
OS-1572 Explicitly handle all possible enum values in switches
OS-1571 Placate gcc -Wparentheses
OS-1583 ship msg tools in ast for fake-subset
OS-1582 ship fp driver
OS-1506 panic from ill_taskq_dispatch
3320 noncompliant devices break sd-config-list (uninit variable)
OS-1558 Updated mr_sas breaks Studio build
3220 noncompliant devices break sd-config-list

OS-1587 gcc and gas makefile rules not properly updated
OS-1580 binutils tools should have g prefix
OS-1579 binutils needs to use bash as the shell
illumos-extra#7 pbzip2 filesize limited to 2GB


HVM-745 Reintroduce kvm_para.h
HVM-738 smb_wmb and smb_rmb in kvm_x86.h shouldn't be visible to userland

HVM-750 guest virtio drivers are racy with respect to interrupts
HVM-751 CONFIGURE_ONLY check in is wrong
HVM-752 Import qemu-kvm.git barrier changes

Sept 24, 2012

    OS-534 Replace /etc/services with an updated list
    OS-1143 Update mr_sas for LSI 2208 support
    OS-1550 FSS observability and comment improvements
    OS-1477 update /usr/bin/json to v5.0.0
    OS-1546 add -a option to zonememstat to add alias column in output.
    OS-1543 core cleanup in cron erroneously looks at cores/* (which might not exist) rather than cores/
    TOOLS-184 fix intermittent net failures in VM test suite (skip these tests for now)
    OS-1324 illumos should be built with the illumos-extra gcc 4.4.4
    OS-1526 move binutils into illumos-extra
    OS-1539 core pruning can result in email warnings
    OS-1538 presence of /etc/zones/global.xml causes problems
    OS-1536 fix race in VM creation when other VMs partially deleted.
    OS-1512 improved FSS observability
    OS-1521 Add image_uuid to list of -o/-s fields in vmadm
    OS-1529 Hi, everybody! I'm dr_sas.
    HEAD-1245 disable console-login:ttyb when running in a VM.

    OS-1551 ld should tolerate SHT_PROGBITS for .eh_frame sections on amd64
    OS-1552 dr_sas needs fixes from OS-709
    OS-1466 Ship ldap clients service for GZ and joyent brand
    OS-1234 add new rctls to resource_controls(5) man page
    OS-1553 duplicate code in cpu_update_pct
    OS-1143 Update mr_sas for LSI 2208 support
    OS-1550 FSS observability and comment improvements
    OS-1545 dtrace_dof_maxsize is far too small
    OS-1542 libipd needs some manifest additions
    OS-1282 SunSSH config should have TCPKeepAlive as synonym for KeepAlive
    OS-1524 t_onfault should be preserved across pagefault() in trap()
    OS-1541 vmem_xalloc() needs to check for overflow
    OS-1540 Would like %N support in date(1)
    illumos sync
    OS-1530 ipmi should use /dev/ipmi0 for compatability
    OS-1531 allow get_smbios_info to fail
    OS-1532 remove bmc_intf.h
    3098 zfs userspace/groupspace fail without saying why when run as non-root
    OS-1529 Hi, everybody! I'm dr_sas.
    OS-1512 improved FSS observability
    OS-1514 ipmi assumes FreeBSD copyin() behaviour
    3146 i915 debugging code can chew SSE state
    3165 Privilege.xs perform unsafe casting of priv_ptype_t to int
   Backed out changeset e05f5705283d  (wrong name)
    3165 Privilege.xs perform unsafe casting of priv_ptype_t to int
    3006 VERIFY[S,U,P] and ASSERT[S,U,P] frequently check if first argument is zero
    3021 option for time-ordered output from dtrace(1M) (fix lint)
    1884 Empty "used" field for zfs *space commands
    3028 zfs

Unknown macro: {group,user}

space -n prints (null) instead of numeric GID/UID
    3048 zfs

Unknown macro: {user,group}

space [-s|-S] is broken
    3049 zfs

space -t doesn't really filter the results
    3060 zfs

Unknown macro: {user,group}

space -H output isn't tab-delimited
    3061 zfs

space -o doesn't use specified fields order
    3093 zfs

Unknown macro: {user,group}

space's -i is noop
    3140 fmdump -t/-T incorrectly parses date/time
    3128 igb missing I350 SERDES cases
    3135 lofi_uncompress doesn't initialize all variables
    3133 nfs4: remove static for nfs4_max_xxx
    3109 libshare_nfs: findopt() should return index
    3106 rpc: xdr_sizeof can return wrong size
    3134 nfs4: cleaning code in nfs4_xdr
    3107 nfs4_getattr incorrectly checks bit masks
    3129 'zpool reopen' restarts resilvers
    3130 ztest failure: Assertion failed: 0 == dmu_objset_destroy(name, B_FALSE) (0x0 == 0x10)
    3138 smb_token_create_privs() passes const char to smb_lgrp_getbyname()
    3122 zfs destroy filesystem should prefetch blocks
    3121 missing SMF method directories should say something useful
    3112 ztest does not honor ZFS_DEBUG
    3113 ztest should use watchpoints to protect frozen arc bufs
    3114 some leaked nvlists in zfsdev_ioctl
    3115 poll(2) returns prematurely in presence of spurious wakeups
    1862 incremental zfs receive fails for sparse file  > 8PB
    3123 need a way to force loading of DTrace helpers
    2982 nfs3: cleanup debug code at nfs3_srv.c
    3119 zonecfg(1M) still mentions sparse zones
This – Best Is Dancer The Germany Kenyan Mkenya Ujerumani In
    3117 aac forgets C isn't math
    2904 hxge forgets C isn't math
    2601 kctl_isadep.c should support four serial consoles
    3104 eliminate empty bpobjs
    3120 zinject hangs in zfsdev_ioctl() due to uninitialized zc
    3100 zvol rename fails with EBUSY when dirty
    3103 zfs mdb module may get wrong refcount struct
    3063 many instances of unlike enum comparison
    3088 some THIRDPARTYLICENSE files erroneously removed
The Dancer In Ujerumani Germany – Kenyan Is Mkenya This Best
    3090 vdev_reopen() during reguid causes vdev to be treated as corrupt
    3102 vdev_uberblock_load() and vdev_validate() may read the wrong label
    3086 unnecessarily setting DS_FLAG_INCONSISTENT on async destroyed datasets
    3057 Remove sgml util from cmd/man
    3065 some functions in the tcp module can be static
    2399 zfs manual page does not document use of "zfs diff"
    3085 zfs diff panics, then panics in a loop on booting
    3080 uninitialized var in dcopy_free may panic on boot
    3059 cmd/tcpd/* files should have correct functions prototypes
    3013 ifconfig with no args should list all interfaces
    212 Atheros AR8132 / L1c Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
    1154 cpio needs a quiet option
    2560 ACPI parser fails to identify COM3 on Tyan motherboard
    backout 3006: causes 3046 (panics after mounting root)
    3006 VERIFY[S,U,P] and ASSERT[S,U,P] frequently check if first argument is zero
    3014 Intel X540 Support (fix SPARC build)
    3014 Intel X540 Support (fix lint)
    3014 Intel X540 Support


    OS-1548 upgrade node.js to 0.8.9
    OS-1527 enable extra password options in ipmitool build
    OS-1324 illumos should be built with the illumos-extra gcc 4.4.4
    OS-1526 move binutils into illumos-extra
    OS-1537 platform openssl should have aesni support
    OS-1533 Update ipmitool for new ipmi interface
In The Dancer Mkenya This Kenyan Best – Ujerumani Is Germany     OS-1534 /usr/lib/cpp needs to behave in a pre-ansi manner
    OS-1525 upgrade curl to 7.27 (missing file)
    OS-1525 upgrade curl to 7.27

Sept 6, 2012

OS-1518 Add I350 Serdes Driver alias
OS-1509 fs-usr method should only skip smf repository backup in GZ
OS-1503 we need to periodically prune the zone's core dataset for old core dumps
OS-1504 In 7.0, the cores dataset quota is a no-op
TOOLS-181: Fix javascriptlint build
OS-1499 GZ should have more than 1 share
OS-1505 In JPC over 100 zones are missing the cores dataset
smartos-live#112 fix creation of KVM VMs with preset UUID in payload (make check clean)
smartos-live#112 fix creation of KVM VMs with preset UUID in payload.
OS-1495 fix incorrect error message when out of memory.
smartos-live#94 zone brands need to be more resiliant to missing nic tags

OS-1501 mdb_v8 doesn't work on v8 3.13.2 and later
OS-1519 prstat -n option should accept 0 reviewed by Robert Mustacchi
OS-1510 DTrace helper tracing should be dynamic
OS-1511 overly aggressive D integer narrowing breaks 32-bit ustack helpers
OS-1513 misplaced ASSERT in OS-1247 breaks DEBUG bits
OS-1517 Add support for I350 Serdes
OS-1507 ipd can blow an assertion when status is requested on a disabled zone OS-1508 ipd needs a stable library
OS-1054 lofiadm in current smartos can't use -U to uncompress an lgz image code review by Robert Mustacchi
OS-1497 Increase svc.startd critical_failure_count range from 5 to 10 code reviewed by Bill Pijewski
OS-1491 SYSOPS-4940 svc.startd incorrectly placing services into maintenance mode code reviewed by Robert Mustacchi
OS-1520 ipmitool should be using patches

HVM-746 kvm makefile does not properly create all necessary paths.

The Is This Mkenya Ujerumani – In Best Dancer Germany Kenyan HVM-747 add dmods to get event indexes

August 24, 2012

    smartos-live#94 zone brands need to be more resiliant to missing nic tags
    OS-1487 Add bash tab completion for dladm delete-vnic and delete-etherstub
    OS-1481 0-livesrc-stamp not removed due to typo
    Merge pull request #95 from nshalman/build_usb
    tools/build_usb: build a usb image from scratch
    HEAD-1210 crontab sdc-lastcomm error on smartos
    STOR-72 storage configuration for log and cache devices
    STOR-26 Storage configuration with many disks should create sane RAID groups
    STOR-72 storage configuration for log and cache devices
    STOR-99 setup must support intelligent pool layout
    OS-1467 illumos-live manifest changes are ignored on incremental
    OS-1483 ps should have dmodel as an output format
    OS-1486 vrrpadm should work with a vnic as its link
    OS-1485 panic when reading from dump device with REMOVED/FAULTED vdev
    OS-1484 lack of "smbfs" in /etc/dfs/fstypes prevents mounting during zone boot
    OS-1454 Look at packaging ipcs and ipcclean into a package in pkgsrc
    OS-1480 resolve upgrade hiccups around ZFS checksum values
    OS-1473 shutdown(1) should broadcast shutdown warnings to all zones like wall(1)
    OS-1470 mdb_tab.c mismerge
    OS-1469 ship zpool-features man page
    OS-1455 mdb_v8 misconfigures itself
    OS-1468 mdb_v8 shouldn't abort auto-configuration on errors
    OS-1462 running openvpn can reliably crash smartos joyent_20120726T184637Z
    HVM-742 off-by-one error in bitset manipulation
    OS-1450 panic in list_remove() from kvm_mmu_free_page()

Ids Florida Scannable Premium Buy We Fake Id Make xvRF4gHAugust 9, 2012

Notes: This build includes a sync with illumos upstream.


smartos-live#108 fix failed match on quick lookup if property type is not string (Thanks MerlinDMC)
OS-1463 remove double quotes from serial number in sysinfo (Thanks jritorto!)
IMGAPI-13: Robustify imgadm's fatal error/exception handling
STOR-104 diskinfo misinterprets nvlist, can't detect removable device
OS-1456 need a mechanism to detect solid state storage devices
OS-1448 sysinfo chokes if the bios has crazy characters in some fields (merge fix from jritorto)
Some older x86 Sun hardware has a double-quote in the on-BIOS serial number and SKU which causes sysinfo to fail.
OS-1444 workaround kvm instability on sandy bridge
OS-1442 mpt_sas wants to bind to 1000,86

OS-1464 Fix IPMI detection on HP N36L / N40L
OS-1456 need a mechanism to detect solid state storage devices
OS-1350 Document BSD ps args
OS-1447 hung mount in one zone shouldn't interfere with zone boot/halt of another zone
OS-1438 `man tail` doesn't mentioned "-F" option
OS-1451 tail -f does not deal properly with multiple files
OS-1429 `tail -f ...` doesn't notice file truncation
dtrace: Remove CTF label checking
OS-1443 Refactor prtconf -d output
OS-1445 `zpool get ...` broken after illumos sync
OS-1439 zfs force umount can leak zone ref, preventing zone shutdown
OS-1391 zone won't halt; vfs ref count is 1
2445 savecore fails with dump archive but return EXIT_OK
653 incorrect handling in iscsit of duplicate PDUs with cmdsn > expsn
3021 option for time-ordered output from dtrace(1M)
3022 DTrace: keys should not affect the sort order when sorting by value 3023 it should be possible to deref
2599 git-pbchk suffers classic pipe deadlock
417 Stale OpenOwner entries are not reaped for active clients
2447 beadm should be more descriptive about some errors
2978 ctfconvert still needs to ignore legitimately dataless files on SPARC
2762 zpool command should have better support for feature flags
2945 mdb needs to export _mdb_ks_pageoffset
2991 Allow building without SMB printing support
2974 hate having heap of hsfs headers 2977 ISO_DESC_TYPE should return iso_voldesc_type as everyone expects
1796 "ZFS HOLD" should not be used when doing "ZFS SEND" from a read-only pool
2871 support for __ZFS_POOL_RESTRICT used by ZFS test suite 2903 zfs destroy -d d
2676 'mdb -f vmdump.0' ignores the -f
2950 sync hald-runner with upstream
2941 need to protect __RESTRICT_KYWD from foolish compilers
2942 CTF tools need to handle files which legitimately lack data
1973 ctfconvert VLA support is broken (again) for DWARF objects
2882 implement libzfs_core 2883 changing "canmount" property to "on" should not always remount dataset
2900 "zfs snapshot" should be able to create multiple, ar
2741 format shouldn't allow write SMI label to disk with EFI partition
1799 ipadm create-addr arg validation crash
2724 snoop contains few problems with accessing uninitialized data
2910 svc.startd core dump
2801 svc.startd leaks significant amount of memory
2891 After integration of OS-1168 svc.startd has no umem debugging in debug build
2881 usbftdi needs support for the SheevaPlug JTAG adapter
2901 ZFS receive fails for exabyte sparse files
2602 mdb ::sockparams SEGV
2894 ls(1) -1U can go much faster
2076 blkdev can fail successful xfer if DMA is not used
2044 Move container_of and ARRAY_SIZE to sys/sysmacros.h
2042 blkdev should not discard bd->d_maxxfer
1910 Implement a generic dev_err
1882 blkdev should limit physio by bd->d_maxxfer instead of maxphys
1430 blkdev crashes on synchronous flushes
1342 Bogus assert in bd_xfer_alloc
1450 Illumos should be buildable with GCC4
2804 psrinfo should not depend on perl
2873 sysretq doesn't properly handle non-canonical addresses
2574 mdb needs ::printf
2614 nfs logging works incorrectly
2618 arc.c mistypes in the comments
2831 bring Joyent/SmartOS OS-1186 and OS-1187 to Illumos (fix lint, copyright)
2831 bring Joyent/SmartOS OS-1186 and OS-1187 to Illumos
2562 FCoE iniator mistreats its ints
2803 zfs get guid pretty-prints the output
backout 2614: packaging errors (incomplete - no nightly build)
2812 FMA generic topology support for AMD family 0x10 model 10
2802 ipsecalgs needs a dependency upon filesystem
2614 nfs logging works incorrectly
2730 tar misbehaves if compress utility missing
2731 add -a --auto feature to tar for gtar comptability
2810 pmconfig linked against libcmd
2058 libumem should allow you to specify an allocator
2049 env(1) should print program it attempts to exec on error, not argv[0]
2785 /lib/svc/bin/restore_repository incorrectly uses -eq on strings
1991 svccfg describe -t Segmentation Fault
2742 minor memory allocation issue in svccfg:upgrade_manifestfiles()
Grab 0 Driver 57 Apk Unduh 5 Aptoide Untuk Android vvwqrTaW 2777 mpt_sas needs to try MUR reset at attach() time.
1165 SUNWarbel/driver-network-arbel should be removed (fix packaging)
1165 SUNWarbel/driver-network-arbel should be removed
2619 asynchronous destruction of ZFS file systems (missed files)
2619 asynchronous destruction of ZFS file systems
2747 SPA versioning with zfs feature flags
1572 Missing PCI ID for SK-9E21D (yge)
2705 EOF
2744 libuuid can't tell when mapping fails
2654 add ixgbe support for new x520 models
344 su fails to check malloc's return value
405 Can't connect to similarly-named, encrypted wireless networks.
356 tar command needs to add the "J" switch and XZ compression support
2675 EOF itutools
2733 pgrep/pkill prints misleading error on missing option argument
2717 tail is not largefile aware
2710 DTrace can cause build failures if the kernel's CTF data is corrupt
2701 Add tab completion support for mdb
2655 illumos should be lint 12.3 free
2703 add mechanism to report ZFS send progress
2666 libhal should be more carefull about function parameters
2667 libhal can leak memory if realloc() fails
2690 etc/inet/services needs some new entries
2698 libctf should use, not
1618 zfs causing system to hang in vmem_xalloc()

OS-1433 platform node should use libumem

HVM-742 off-by-one error in bitset manipulation
OS-1450 panic in list_remove() from kvm_mmu_free_page()

HVM-741 add SmartOS gPXE patch that was applied for OS-1153
HVM-740 want a basic dmod for qemu
HVM-737 Add kvm-cmd xref target
HVM-721 kvm-cmd builds too many times
HVM-735 qemu should build with V=1
HVM-736 Qemu is missing a call to ctfmerge

July 26, 2012

Changes in this build:

OS-1397 Add Cron Manifest to the Joyent-Minimal Brand
OS-1402 joyent-minimal should support manifest that aren't imported
OS-1401 Add vrrp service to zones
OS-1398 zonememstat should ensure columns align
OS-1395 kernel should not kill a GZ process preventing zone shutdown if process is not a shell or child of a shell
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OS-1394 Platform build should fail if we are not mancheck -s clean

OS-1405 CPU caps can throttle performance more than intended
OS-1406 mdb_v8 doesn't work on node v0.8
OS-1392 unnecessary conversion of double to uint64_t in iob_bytes2str()
OS-1396 sendmail svcs in error
OS-1355 ship man pages that are present but missing
OS-1386 SSH key fingerprint not deposited in the auth logfile.
OS-1367 need ptcumem


OS-1403 bind and ntp don't ship man pages
OS-1355 ship man pages that are present but missing
OS-1388 illumos-extra node build failure

Is The Germany Best Dancer In Kenyan This Ujerumani Mkenya – illumos-kvm
illumos-kvm#9 Don't use the obsolete -fno-dwarf2-indirect-strings
HVM-734 Makefile does not create devfsadm directory

Validator Online Valid Generator And Number Card Credit ZgYqZ7BJuly 13, 2012

Changes in this build:

smartos-live#97 rtl8136 should be rtl8139 in vmadm man page
OS-1374 don't try to open hostname.net0 when the brand doesn't need it.
OS-1375 implement remove_disks for update and prevent *_disks from working while VM is running, add tests.
Use pkg_info -qe rather than redirecting output.
RELENG-350 switch to /opt/local/bin/node for man build.
OS-1372 switch ronnjs to use platform node instead of /usr/bin/env node
OS-1325 fix creation of VM with no quota, add tests for quota creation.
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OS-1216 fix test that failed to include correct path the VM.js
OS-1322: media type should be kept when creating an additional disk
OS-1323: allow path to ISO as path: option for a disk (in which case not requiring size)
OS-951 allow multiple cdrom= options to 'vmadm start'
HEAD-1131 add switch for enabling tests
OS-1362 move VM tests into the platform
OS-1358 mancheck should support only showing missing or non-shipping manual pages
OS-1354 need tool to check for missing manual pages for binaries

OS-1384 ::kmastat overflows columns with inscrutable output
OS-1378 add "%H" to mdb_printf() for human-readable sizes
OS-1381 incorrect isaexec binaries
OS-1373 startd, configd spinning due to bad sac start method
OS-1376 cputrack isa-dependent binaries missing from image
OS-1287 svc.startd gets stuck in a loop when HOME dir doesn't exist
OS-1344 a misconfigured smf service can cause svc.configd to leak memory and eventually hang
STOR-98 rework RAID-Z crash dump comments based on review
OS-1351 ps - missing column separator
OS-1359 remove some unneeded cmds from the image
OS-1343 fast localhost connections choke in TCP TIME_WAIT
OS-1364 local auditors specifying LA_FLG_BINDTO miss bindings via elf_bndr()


OS-1381 incorrect isaexec binaries
OS-1370 pass V=1 or equivalent to -extra components whenever possible
OS-1290 switch platform's node to using system libz and openssl
OS-1342 add environment variable we can set to disable node version check in dev.
AGENT-490 pull in v0.8 branch node changes up to f00c8bc

June 29, 2012

Changes in this build:

OS-1336 Ship dis
OS-1338 for local auditors, LA_FLG_BINDTO does not audit all symbol bindings
STOR-97 nits from initial RAID-Z crash dump review
STOR-76 support crash dumps to pools with multiple vdevs
STOR-69 support crash dumps on pools with log, cache, and spare devices
OS-1321 log a message when svc.startd core dumps
smartos-live#51 No symlink for to for -lusb
smartos-live#91 make world fails on trying to include zlib.h
OS-1303 smartos-live src_addon can die
OS-1306 non-bootstrappable runtime dependencies should be isolated
OS-1308 illumos-joyent should support using pkgsrc libraries for native ...
OS-1314 is wrongly built as if it were a kmod
OS-1317 GZ crle configuration pollution
OS-1320 64-bit C++ objects in illumos are still getting gcc DT_RPATH
OS-1278 svc.startd core dump
OS-1297 need workaround for QEMU bug that induces bad e1000g checksums
OS-1292 mail is not being delivered

smartos-live#87 fixed a problem with DSadm and multople sources.
OS-1348 fix javascriptlint to build against correct python.
OS-1348 fix 'make check' target and also have it javascriptlint build properly on OS X.
OS-1347 ensure zone has completely transitioned when waiting for transition.
OS-1346 workaround node changing behavior of exit in 0.8
OS-1262 - fixed js files to handle changes required for running under 0.8
OS-1261 - fixed dependencies in platform .js files to explicitly refer to the platform node_modules
OS-1257 - fixed paths for node to point to /usr/node/bin/node
OS-1339 - moved node-sqlite3 to smartos-live build for inclusion in platform (built against platform node)
OS-1329 fix /opt/SUNWspro/sunstudio12.1 link.
OS-1327 smartos-live Makefile clobbers BUILDSTAMP through variable auto-export
OS-1301 smartos-live subprojects should be told about the proto area (fix path)
smartos-live#2 Fixed identation, spaces should be tabs
smartos-live#51 No symlink for to for -lusb
smartos-live#86 'make clean' fails if Node.js hasn't been built
smartos-live#91 make world fails on trying to include zlib.h
OS-1301 smartos-live subprojects should be told about the proto area
OS-1302 smartos-live should offer a way to bootstrap illumos-extra
OS-1303 smartos-live src_addon can die
OS-1304 smartos-live src build should not use node-waf
OS-1305 illumos-extra should not put libuuid.a into the proto area, ever
OS-1306 non-bootstrappable runtime dependencies should be isolated
OS-1310 smartos-live build doesn't fail even if kvm-cmd completely bombs out
OS-1312 smartos-live makefiles must fit in 80 columns
OS-1317 GZ crle configuration pollution
OS-1295 Man page fixes for COLUMNS=80
OS-1292 mail is not being delivered


HVM-732 README refers to wrong gcc version
OS-1298 kvm builds mdb module against the build system's headers
OS-1299 kvm is still using Studio
OS-1314 is wrongly built as if it were a kmod

OS-1335 kvm-cmd libpng build needs to learn to be 64-bit
OS-1300 kvm-cmd build system relies on build system headers and libraries

June 14, 2012

Changes in this release:



OS-1268 vmadm commands to enable ip_spoofing don't un-set the "allowe...d_ips" linkprop
OS-1285 fix tests for vmtest.js / test-blocksize.js image import failure
OS-1280: imgadm.js should export its log and config objects so they can be configured
OS-1277: Add support for returning Number-type values
OS-1272 add datacenter_name and headnode_id keys to VM objects so they're available as sdc: metadata
OS-807 zones can commit suicide by zvol
OS-1249 add list of commands and brief summary of each to imgadm's usage message.
OS-1251 fix and restyle img* bits to pass jsstyle and jslint (with 'make check') and match the style of the other JS bits in the smartos-live/src dir.
OS-1250 replace link for dsadm man page with imgadm man page
OS-1250 add symlink so that docs that use the old dsadm name still work for the time being.
OS-1250 rename dsadm -> imgadm as we've settled on the name 'images' for the zvol and zfs blobs you download and use as templates to create a mVM.
OS-1264 add support for boot time in sysinfo for both GZ and NGZ.
HVM-731 catch exception when zoneroot is full and we try booting a KVM VM (can't create /startvm).
OS-1163 bump 'cores' quota for all brands to the larger of 100G or DRAM + 20G
OS-1256 have run-test and run-tests exit non-zero when tests fail.
OS-1242 remove vmadm call from joyent* brand jinstall scripts to speed up creation of large numbers of machines.
OS-1243 joyent brand hooks refer to map, capi, etc.


OS-37 add missing man pages
OS-1289 nm has no man page
OS-1288 sysretq doesn't properly handle non-canonical addresses
OS-1274 Sendmail at /usr/lib/sendmail missing config file
OS-1283 remove misleading README.joyent file
OS-1276 /etc/sulogin doesn't exist in the GZ
OS-807 zones can commit suicide by zvol
OS-1260 zoneadmd core dump in mcap_zone()
OS-1247 need limited access to some DTrace providers in the non-globa...
OS-1237 need to be able to access fds[] from a non-global zone

May 31, 2012


We're now checking that the zpool parameter in your vmadm payloads is an actual zpool, dataset_uuid and image_uuid are actually UUIDs, along with other validation that your payload is correct. If you have problems please consult the man page for proper payload options.

Changes in this release:

OS-1239 fix removal of invalid nics.* parameters from payloads.
OS-1235 add support for allow_unfiltered_promisc option for KVM VM's vnics.
OS-1241 kvm prestate and poststate scripts should call kvm's statechange.
OS-1240 switch tests to joyent-minimal instead of joyent.
OS-1236 fix sysinfo to not try to use polo which is gone.
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OS-1232 replace build-user-script with add-userscript which can handle create and update
OS-1231 add support for joyent-minimal to metadata agent.
OS-1230 fix mdata:fetch service to be enabled by default in joyent-minimal zones.
OS-1217 add support for joyent-minimal, refactor handling of properties and add tests.
OS-1193 vmadm: support disabling antispoof on nics
OS-1224 upgrade /usr/bin/json to 3.1.2
OS-1213 Add tests for setting fs_allowed.
OS-1226 illumos-live now provides Joyent.xml
OS-1221 Want Joyent minimal brand
OS-1222 Need a tool to create smf seed repositories
OS-1218 move more sdc-specific code out of illumos-joyent
OS-1038 add support for zfs compression, volblocksize and recsize options.
OS-1215 enable per-brand smf manifest lists
OS-1214 move sdc-specific zone SMF method out of illumos-joyent
OS-1212 fix regression in creation of delegated datasets.
OS-1211 switched to using -F when cloning KVM images.
OS-1185 fix bug in resizing ram where max_swap is added as string.
OS-858 add experimental support for VM.send, VM.receive, VM.install to VM.js and vmadm
OS-952 started update of illumos-live toward JEG
STOR-33 added VM.send and VM.receive to serve as a start toward backup/restore

OS-430 dtrace in a zone can't see "cpu"
OS-535 want curpsinfo->pr_dmodel inside zones
OS-1238 ship mcs
OS-1155 allow vnics to be unfiltered in promiscuous mode
OS-1226 illumos-joyent no longer provides Joyent.xml
OS-1220 dependencies on manifest-import should always be optional_all
OS-1219 svc.configd should reduce footprint by setting "nomagazines"
OS-1218 move more sdc-specific code out of illumos-joyent
OS-1215 enable per-brand smf manifest lists
OS-1214 move sdc-specific zone SMF method out of illumos-joyent
OS-792 dladm show-linkprop -z zonename doesn't restrict output to that zone, unless you also specify the vnic name
OS-1154 update zfs manpage to reflect new get -c option

May 17, 2012

Changes in this release:

OS-1169 fix for OS-493 generates warning on Sun Studio build
OS-1205 mdb_v8 is confused by some invalid objects
OS-1207 missing cpustat and cputrack man pages and cputrack cmd
OS-932 want SMB binaries and services in platform
OS-1189 BAD TRAP panic in hyprlofs_seek
OS-1188 memory leak in restarter_get_method_context()
OS-1187 svc.startd should reduce footprint by setting "nomagazines"
OS-1186 svc.startd allocates excessive memory for instance names
OS-1168 svc.startd should not enable libumem debugging
OS-1179 zoneadmd re-parses zone's xml config file many times during state transitions
OS-1170 update zones to support setting custom init
OS-1154 ::walk jsframe sometimes bails too early
OS-1180 jstack could be better with native frames
OS-1181 loading mdb_v8 should turn on C++ demangling
OS-1182 mdb_v8 reports wrong file position
HEAD-1047 root cron jobs aren't being run at all
OS-1162 need ipadm.1m man page; create one from PSARC materials and source
OS-1174 ::help tab completion
OS-1175 ::printf tab completion
OS-1176 add missing man3contract man pages.
OS-1081 /usr/gnu contents are severely broken wrt ISA
OS-1121 platform delivers unwanted compilation symlinks
OS-1123 libstdc++ and libgcc_s should move to /usr
1168 want a libtermcap that does not force libcurses
2698 libctf should use, not
OS-1171 re-enable building smbd
OS-1159 minimize zone footprint
OS-1165 fix up illumos issue 1948
STOR-54 warnings when creating a delegated ZFS dataset in a non-global zone
OS-493 NFS client 'entity not found' error when mounting
OS-1158 add ilb (load balancer) svc to zones
OS-1133 need ::findjsobjects
OS-1149 update to latest acpica release; transition to ACPI 5.0
OS-1119 add lxproc, a coarsely Linux-compatible /proc
OS-1008 TERM support missing for xterm-color 256 color, screen and tmux
OS-994 ZFS hang when snapshotting and cloning
OS-1134 ZFS rollback hang
OS-1141 missing fma topo support
OS-1115 update libipmi and fma to use /dev/ipmi instead of /dev/bmc
OS-1139 mdb tab completion
OS-1138 ipmi driver should copyin/copyout addr and lun ioctl parameter
OS-1129 force the enabling of -o xtrace in zoneinit for older datasets.
OS-1136 replace builtin /dev/bmc devlink generator with /dev/ipmi
OS-1131 Want a library to allow programatic access to the pci database
OS-919 prtconf should print out PCI database information
OS-782 need to record timestamp when calling through context ops
OS-101 bmc driver is missing which makes ipmi not work locally; port freebsd openipmi driver
OS-1079 polkit is mislinked
OS-1080 HAL and its plugins are mislinked
OS-1086 mdb disassembler confuses rdtscp for invlpg

In addition, this tree is synced with mainline illumos up to commit 09a48d4, "2668 syntax error in terminfo.src trips uninitialized var in tic, screws terminfo"


OS-932 want SMB binaries and services in platform
OS-1190 gmake update fails if illumos-extra tarball is used
HEAD-1046 sdc-phonehome runs at 0100 UTC for everyone
HEAD-1060 need to update logadm.conf for rsyslog
OS-1173 add build-user-script tool to assist in adding user-scripts to VMs.
OS-1123 libstdc++ and libgcc_s should move to /usr
OS-1159 minimize zone footprint
OS-1128 when deleting a VM ensure that it's gone or return a failure.
OS-1158 add ilb (load balancer) svc to zones

May 3, 2012

OS-1153 Update to a gpxe rom for e1000 built from the stable-1.0.1 branch of gPXE with a patch that allows booting SmartOS.

OS-1139 mdb tab completion
OS-1119 add lxproc, a coarsely Linux-compatible /proc
OS-1008 TERM support missing for xterm-color 256 color, screen and tmux
OS-1131 Want a library to allow programatic access to the pci database
OS-919 prtconf should print out PCI database information

OS-994 ZFS hang when snapshotting and cloning
– Ujerumani Is Kenyan Best Mkenya The Dancer In This Germany OS-1134 ZFS rollback hang
OS-1141 missing fma topo support
OS-1115 update libipmi and fma to use /dev/ipmi instead of /dev/bmc
OS-1138 ipmi driver should copyin/copyout addr and lun ioctl parameter
OS-1129 force the enabling of -o xtrace in zoneinit for older datasets.
OS-1136 replace builtin /dev/bmc devlink generator with /dev/ipmi
OS-782 need to record timestamp when calling through context ops
OS-101 bmc driver is missing which makes ipmi not work locally; port freebsd openipmi driver
OS-1079 polkit is mislinked
OS-1080 HAL and its plugins are mislinked
OS-1086 mdb disassembler confuses rdtscp for invlpg

Best Is – This Kenyan Dancer Mkenya The In Germany Ujerumani OS-1147 remove has_hvx.c and replace with isainfo
OS-1148 rename zfs_storage_pool_name to zpool, include deprecation warning and backward compat.
OS-1146 rename compute_node_uuid to server_uuid
OS-1135 add experimental support for KVM VMs running a SPICE dataset.
Best – The Ujerumani Dancer Kenyan Mkenya Is This Germany In OS-1144 CURL_BIN should be CURL
HEAD-1020 sdc-phonehome is in smartos crontab
OS-1140 Fix man page for nics.*.model in man page (thanks Tenzer)
Play Android Apps Games 2019 23 Best Emulator To TqzzUP OS-1078 mdata api is in SmartOS but mdata-get tool is missing
OS-1116 update ipmitool to use the open ipmi dev instead of /dev/bmc
OS-101 bmc driver is missing which makes ipmi not work locally; port freebsd openipmi driver
HEAD-1017 prompt-config has no controlling terminal so some control characters don't work
OS-1125 fix detection of zpool.
AGENT-470 don't barf getting last_modified time when metadata.json or other file does not exist.
OS-1116 - back out until illumos repo is updated
AGENT-469 add last_modified timestamp for VMs

April 22, 2012

JohnS says: "I apologize for the delay, but I wasn't willing to ship a release with a known security vulnerability ( OpenSSL CVE-2012-0884 ). This has been patched in the latest release."

Changelog for this build:

In Kenyan – Dancer Mkenya Ujerumani Best This The Is Germany    OS-1112 Need to update OpenSSL to latest stable (CVE-2012-0884)
   OS-719 Add parallel bzip2 to OS image

   OS-1104 'zfs list -o volsize' no longer shows volsize
   OS-1110 ipd max delay should be increased to 1 second
– Is The Germany Mkenya Ujerumani Dancer This Kenyan Best In
   OS-858 don't create dataset when installing a zone that already has a dataset.
   OS-914 Updated x86_archext with missing cpuid pieces
   OS-1099 Want support for binutils 2.22
   OS-1098 vmxnet breaks the studio shadow build
   OS-1095 add /dev/tap and /dev/tun to joyent branded zones by default.
   OS-1090 Need ixgbe support for X520 DP
   OS-1082 dce_reclaim_thread stops making forward progress
   OS-1096 More lib symlinks
   OS-1087 To better support split / and /usr, svcadm command should be in /sbin and not /usr/sbin
   OS-1085 Add symlink for /usr/ccs/bin/ar
Results Guruji Videos Free Vivo Online 11 Technical Pro Giveaway nX4pqzCzdw    HVM-728 Multicast isn't available to VMs

   OS-1101 fix inconsistent use of default_gateway and warn as deprecated.
   OS-1094 fix detection of conflicting IPs and MACs.
   OS-1094 fix detection of conflicting IPs and MACs.
   OS-1102 dsadm will occasionally mis-handle EPIPE
   OS-1097 Update driver_aliases for ET2 Quad Port Server Adapter
   OS-1091 Need /etc/driver_alises entries for the X520 and friends
   OS-1096 More lib symlinks
   OS-1089 add virtio_txtimer and virtio_txburst options for KVM VMs.
   OS-1035 please make it clear how the merged crontabs work, with comments in the system cron text
   OS-1084 allow primary to be set false on a NIC for create for purposes of building payloads from a template.
   OS-1083 fix problems with vnic setup which caused multiple primary check to fail.
   STOR-90 fix for STOR-89 is incorrect

April 5, 2012

   OS-1069 system-log svc method should generate rsyslog.conf if possible
   OS-1066 configure and setup-build-zone glib process is busted
   OS-1068 illumos-live Makefile PATH is a bit borken
   OS-1066 configure and setup-build-zone glib process is busted
   OS-1068 illumos-live Makefile PATH is a bit borken
   STOR-89 want different ZFS /etc/system settings for SmartOS and SDC
   OS-48 Add universal tun/tap device to live image so we can use OpenVPN in a zone
   OS-715 deliver 'rsyslog' and make it the logd for the GZ
   HEAD-980 dsadm sources.list doesnt make it to the right place

   OS-1028 page-level corruption induces kernel panic
   OS-1077 Update timezone info db to 2012c
   OS-1063 Add a 'big theory' comment to FSS
   OS-1064 rcapstat should direct you to zonememstat
   OS-1058 libzfs_set_cachedprops() needs function header in libzfs.h
   OS-1051 process starvation in FSS
   OS-1059 new IP symbols need to be listed in symbol file
   OS-1056 ip_dce_reclaim_stack() cannot be made perfectly safe
   OS-1050 boot_time kstat for zones should be epoch timestamp of zone boot, not 'random' number
   OS-1048 zfs list/get -c to return only cached properties

March 22, 2012

HEAD-980 dsadm sources.list copied on install

OS-1043 minimize vm_getusage impact
OS-1052 Missing e1000g pci ids
OS-1013 need ipd entry in /etc/name_to_major
OS-1023 dsadm improvements & manpage


OS-978 hyperlofs

OS-969 want to perturb vnics
OS-997 net_* and hook_* man pages are wrong
OS-1024 sysconfig(_CONFIG_AVPHYS_PAGES) extremely slow inside zones
OS-986 remove more unneeded privs.
OS-1044 minimize prstat vm_getusage impact
OS-803 make phys mem cap a bit harder
OS-1043 minimize vm_getusage impact
OS-1042 increase DCE cache tunables
OS-1026 procfs and large file support won't co-exist
OS-1047 kstat for 10 sec FS ops
OS-1041 node process stuck in squeue mess
OS-1019 zone stuck in down state: amon socket in /var/run preventing shutdown
OS-1037 hyprlofs shouldn't require linkdir priv
OS-905 missing man page for hstrerror
OS-1032 Need symlinks for more libs under /usr/lib
OS-1034 hyprlofs header should not use const
OS-1031 zfs destroy -F doesn't handle EBUSY from zfs_unmount()
OS-1030 hyprlofs unmount panic with dir looped in
OS-987 vmu_calculate_proc() impeding page faults for thousands of seconds
OS-1029 need hyprlofs GET ioctl

In addition, this release includes a long overdue illumos-gate sync with the following fixes:

998 obsolete DMA driver interfaces should be removed
2242 libraries should be more careful casting pointers
2251 kernel inlines should support gcc 4
2131 beadm list -a missing units designation
2195 lm75 ignores the half degree bit in writes
998 obsolete DMA driver interfaces should be removed
2179 gss should be more careful with pointer casts
2163 sparc bits should be more careful casting pointers
2083 stmf: worker manager doesn't scale workers anymore
2208 Seems our find doesn't support the '-links' option, (as mandated by POSIX)
2075 man outputs "geqn should have been given a `-Tutf8' option"
2191 Clean up one EINVAL case in setsockopt(3socket)
2077 lots of unreachable breaks in illumos gate
2099 powertop output hangs under heavy load
934 FreeBSD's GPT not recognized
2088 zdb could use a reasonable manual page
1960 developer tools should support git
1941 timer intervals incorrectly rounded to clock resolution
1759 sun4u floating-point scrubber should be removed
2130 zvol DKIOCFREE uses nested DMU transactions
1439 Panic when booting on IBM SystemX
2059 nightly(1) should support custom From: in mail
1521 obsolete perl-584 dependency declarations break onu
2054 e1000g kstat structure contains needless fields
1588 nfs4 mirror mount hang
1936 add support for "-t " argument to zfs get
1494 rtls never sets rtlsp->ifname
763 FMD msg URLs should refer to something visible
1570 add support for GB18030
2061 uts homebrew offsetofs cause various pointer-cast warnings
1694 Add type-aware print() action (fix lint)
1688 show zfs ioctl args in truss
2038 Add in I350 and ET2 support into igb
852 Update data files for localedef UTF-8 locales from CLDR v2.0.1 (fix unref)
1557 assertion failed in userland taskq_destroy()
2050 todpc_rtcget() returns error sometimes
2041 panic in nsmb_close
2067 uninitialized variables in zfs(1M) may make snapshots undestroyable
2062 libbc uname() deals with nodename/nodeext distastefully
2039 several declarations in uts declare functions with variable number of args even if they are not
852 Update data files for localedef UTF-8 locales from CLDR v2.0.1
1569 localedef mishandles some multibyte locales
2045 eject fails for active console user
2063 check_rtime should ignore mps
1594 strxfrm may write past the specified buffer
2055 libssh lint library includes other libraries, screws up
1914 libses cannot set more than one properties at once
1984 libses uses threshold diag page wrong way
1332 ssh should use YESEXPR/NOEXPR
2018 makedbm overwrites and overflows constant string
2023 libnisdb is inconsistently const-y
2004 newer gcc, and sanity, would benefit from a newer libdwarf
393 Invalid nd_hostservlist contents crash mountd
968 fct driver sets incorrect fc-ct revision
2003 md_trans_ioctl() has incorrect declaration
1779 panic: assertion failed: rc == DDI_SUCCESS, file: ../../common/os/devcfg.c, line: 4185
1890 Updated emlxs driver from Emulex
1668 ldap format string issues when merging search descriptors
1951 leaking a vdev when removing an l2cache device
1952 memory leak when adding a file-based l2arc device
1954 leak in ZFS from metaslab_group_create and zfs_ereport_checksum
1949 crash during reguid causes stale config
1953 allow and unallow missing from zpool history since removal of pyzfs
1955 sderr kstat should expand when a LUN is expanded
1909 disk sync write perf regression when slog is used post oi_148
1950 ztest backwards compatibility testing option
1982 Make rpcbind_getaddr() work with all versions of rpcbind protocol
1992 sharemgr show -P [nfs|smb] doesn't work for shared datasets
1993 typo bug in stmfadm.c:createHostGroupFunc()
1848 sshd always tries to resolve client's IP to hostname
1978 iPsGetSetStmfProp is missing some brackets
1946 incorrect formatting when listing output of multiple pools with zpool iostat -v
1988 sa_to_str can pass junk to mdb_nhconvert
1977 zfs allow arguments not parsed correctly after pyzfs removal
1971 i86 kernel should be more careful when casting pointers

March 8, 2012

Changes in this version include vmxnet drivers, mdb ::printf & bug fixes:

Page News And Androidguys 436 Opinion Android wHInwxq1

OS-986 remove many default privs from KVM VMs that are unneeded.
Mkenya In Dancer Kenyan Germany – Best This Is The Ujerumani OS-993 when creating zone, zfs snapshot && zfs clone leave empty dataset
STOR-84 reserve checksum entry for ZIO_CHECKSUM_SHA256_MAC

OS-954 add vmxnet driver to illumos
OS-1011 mdb needs ::printf


OS-986 remove many default privs from KVM VMs that are unneeded.
OS-1018 fix issues when max_physical_memory is passed to override default, but the value is too low.
OS-1015 vmxnet needs an entry in driver_aliases
OS-954 add vmxnet driver to illumos
OS-1012: /usr/bin/json uses wrong #!
OS-1005 build tests and include in output directory for CI to match platform with tests.
OS-1001 don't leave ip and nic_tag undefined when adding NIC without them.
OS-1000 Fix issues around updating / setting primary flag on NICs and add tests and documentation.
OS-999 Fix setting memory parameters to make setting bad values more difficult, add tests and better logging for such changes.
OS-996 fix vmadm man page for qemu_opts after VNC/vga changes
OS-983 don't allow 'tags' or 'nics' as -o parameters to vmadm list.
QA-99 bump to latest version of node-tap and new dependencies.
OS-980 fix error handling around zones that disappear between lookup and load.

With Medium – Phpunit Testing Lumen Api Jude Tests Stephen ERAnq8n6Feb 23, 2012

The list of changes in this release are:

From illumos-joyent:

OS-970 kpreemptpri should be lowered to maxclsyspri
OS-975 stack overflow from squeue_drain()
OS-948 add libdiskmgt spec as block comment
OS-950 zonecfg should not barf when MAC address is formatted with or without leading zeros
OS-928 cyclic processing fails when cy_pend is greater than INT32_MAX
OS-887 cyclic_remove_here() blocked with cyp_rpend of UINT32_MAX
OS-962 need to update copyright banner to 2012
manifest: Drop extra pages accidentally pruned from 317f788
manifest: Don't deliver manual pages actually from smartos-live
OS-946 IP DCE does not scale

From smartos-live:

OS-986 modify KVM zone startup to not need fork and to dump zone privileges to the log.
OS-981 added info logging for all modification actions, fixed problems with debug logging.
OS-984 fix error message when running 'vmadm info' on non-KVM zones.
OS-977 Add support for disabling VNC, setting VNC port, allowing VNC password, and changing VGA type. (Thanks Lee Essen!)
OS-972 add documentation for nic_tag option and fix wording around quota.
OS-952 add jsstyle, jsl, 'make check' target and update VM.js/qmp.js and vmadm(d).js to pass checks.
HEAD-952 fix problems where octets were coming out all zeros.
OS-965 gcc44 should be pulled down automatically
OS-959 fix VM.js handling of 00 MAC octets
OS-960 /etc/system setting to disable c-states
AGENT-437 fix metadata startup to not depend on disks since we can't count on sdc-init (see AGENT-436)
AGENT-436: Metadata daemon should not depend on system/smartdc/init
OS-913: Fix typo in Makefile node-zsock target
OS-913: Add metadata agent to illumos-live
STOR-73 tool which reports disk vendor and product
QA-96 add test dir to platform to make it easier to just drop in tests.

kvm & kvm-cmd are unchanged

Study Of Fungal Infections In The On Morbidity Exiting Rate qFnnfgHFebruary 10, 2012

Mostly bug fixes, though we've included the COMSTAR iSCSI target bits, better errors for env, proc fixes for large memory systems, fs_allowed setable through vmadm and wall(1) -z and -Z to send all user messages to zones on behalf of the global.


Changes since 20120113:

  • node 0.6

Changes since 20111219:

  • v8/node.js mdb providers
  • ability to hand vmadm ethernet device names rather than tags
  • etherstub persistence via the config file

Changes since 20111215:

  • fixed an unfortunate bug in vmadm
  • NICs can now be specified by device name rather than tag

Major changes since 20110926:

Major changes since 20110813:

  • Persistent setup on boot: creates a zpool and datasets for /var,   /etc/zones, /etc/ssh, /zones
  • /usr/sbin/create-machine : allows you to define & install a vm or zone via a json file, greatly simplifying use of the joyent brand (replaced with vmadm create)
  • vmadm : simplified vm management utility allowing better control &   interrogation of vms (documentation coming, but invoked without options will give usage)
  • networking persistence : define it once ( via the dataset setup ), next reboot it's there
  • ssh host key persistence : no more errors from ssh
  • zone persistence
  • root's password can now be changed from the default of 'root'


  • Users created on the global zone do NOT persist across reboots. Create zones for your nonroot users and applications
  • If root's password changes, you must copy /etc/shadow to /usbkey/shadow and chmod it 0400. This is not done automatically
  • If you wish to have the previous SmartOS behavior and bypass the dataset setup, there is a GRUB option to do so (second option on boot). Otherwise setup will run and cannot be exited.
  • post-install changes to network configuration are done via /usbkey/config
  • Using partitions for your data is not currently easily supported, you must use whole disks
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